In life and in business we like to see progression, you get a promotion in work, you earn more money and get a bigger house.  Why should your training be any different? You hit the gym, go running or go to your favourite class 2-3 times per week, work really hard and you want to see results.

The key to seeing results is to progress with every single workout, to see some kind of improvement every time that you walk into the gym.  The really good thing about improvements is that they can come in many different forms.  You could:

  • Do extra minutes on your favourite piece of cardio equipment.
  • Work on the next level up.
  • Put extra weight on the bar that you are lifting.
  • Do the same weight but more repetitions.
  • Use less weight but seriously increase the number of repetitions that you perform.
  • Perform an exercise that you have never done before.

It does not matter if your end goal is to gain a more defined physique, build muscle and strength or simply to feel better in yourself, as long as you are progressing with every single visit you will be taking great strides to achieving that goal.

The way to make sure that you see progression in every workout is to have a plan, without a properly devised plan any progression is much harder.  This does not have to be a laid out in stone plan, it can change.  We can change plans with clients on their arrival, for example if we have  a lower body routine planned and our client comes in with pain in the back or lower part of the body or even if they have had such a hectic and busy day that they are exhausted and clearly placing their bodies under the extra strain of a lower body session would not be beneficial, then we can change plans and move that session to later in the week when they are feeling fresher and more able to deal with extra stress we are going to place on their bodies.

Another very important tool in the way to measure progression is to record all your workouts, whether that be before, during or after your workout, on a scrap bit of paper, a dedicated training log book or on an electrical device.  Make sure that you are recording as much information as you can.  The sort of information that you want to record is:

  • The name of the exercise.
  • The number of reps per set.
  • The number of sets per exercise.
  • The tempo or speed of the movement.
  • The amount of rest between sets.
  • The amount of weight used in every set.

With this amount of detail you will easily be able to revisit your training records and see exactly where your progressions have been.

For more advice on how to progress your workouts, please come and speak to a member of our team who will be more than happy to assist you in this matter, and help to design you a personalised progressive programme.

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