I am definitely a morning person, which is lucky as since having children a lye in seems a thing of the past.  I like the extra time in the morning though as i can get up and plan out my day, get my training things ready, sort my nutrition for the day and prepare for work.

This habit though did not happen over night, it took time to develop and to become something that I just did.  There were certainly a few times at the start that it didn’t go quite according to plan, but constantly trying over and over again slowly turned this into a new and very useful habit.

Are you like me, and have tried to start something new and it has not quite worked out how you thought it would? You may have blamed yourself thinking that you lack the will power or motivation to change your habits, it is more likely that you just set yourself up to not succeed by not planning fully.

Here are a couple of idea’s that you could use to help increase your chances of success.

1. Time your new habits around something that you already consistently do.

For me this starts the night before, whereas I used to check the windows and doors and setting the alarm before bed, I now get all the shakers and tupperware boxes that I will need for the next day out on to the kitchen sides ready for the morning.  This means that when the alarm goes off in the morning I can come down and start prepping all my nutrition for the day straight away.  It may require getting up a few minutes earlier than I used to which is tough to begin with but again consistency makes this easier.

Think about your typical day and think of cues that you could time your new habits around, that way every time that you do complete that task you will be reminded to complete your new habit. For example after dropping the children off at school, instead of rushing home to do things you could visit the gym and have a workout.  By placing your workout clothes out the night before you will have everything ready in the morning instead of having to search through your draws for the right clothes in the morning which could help you to decide not to complete your new habit on that day.  By planning out your routine you can consistently make the changes that will help to form the new habit.

2. Never quit.

It is important to remember that one lapse does not mean that you have failed, not everyone has the ability to change a habit in a few short days, some people take a lot longer and a recent study shows that the average person will take around 9-10 weeks to form a new habit.  Some habits like swapping a cup of coffee for a cup of water is fairly simple and can become a new habit quickly, whereas visiting a gym and starting an exercise programme is a much bigger change and so will understandably take longer.

As mentioned before consistency is the key and by repetitively doing your new habit time after time it will become something that you don’t need to remember to do each day, it will become something that you just do.

You can also give yourself rewards, this could be something as simple as spending time sitting down reading and spending a few minutes in your own company relaxing, as long as it something that you enjoy and will benefit from.  Don’t allow your reward to be counter productive though, after exercising and eating healthy all week don’t reward yourself with a massive take away and drinks.

If you decide that exercise and healthy eating is going to be part of your new habits, please feel free to get in touch with us by emailing enquiries@switchgym.co.uk so that we can see how we can help.

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