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We have all had one of those workouts on our own when you get to the gym, you think that it is not going to be a great session and then everything falls into place and it is the best session you have ever had. You run further on a treadmill, you lift heavier weights or the same weight for more reps. We have also had those sessions where you get the gym pumped up ready for the best workout of your life and somewhere between the door and that first bit of equipment all your energy and enthusiasm has gone.

Working out alone can be great, you can pick what time you want to train, you can choose all your favourite exercises, use a slightly lighter dumbbell if you wish and stop whenever you want. Why would you want to ruin all that choice by sticking a training partner into the mix?

It is precisely for these reasons that training with someone else is a good idea and certainly worth a try. By finding the right training partner you can:

Get extra motivation: as mentioned above sometimes you just cant be bothered to train as hard as you should, it’s very rare to have two people with that same emotion on the same day. So when you are feeling low it is a fair bet that your training partner will be the most fired up you have ever seen them, this will rub off on you and increase the likely hood of your workout being more of a personal best session rather than a total washout.

Someone else is there to make sure that you don’t go for the easy option: we all have our favourite exercises, the ones that given half the chance we would do all the time, we like them, we are good at them and above all we look good doing them. Why would you want to change to an exercise that you don’t like even if the benefits far out way how uncomfortable you are doing it? With another person choosing the exercises the chances of your favourite exercise being included are slim, especially if you choose the right partner who knows which ones you hate and deliberately picks them (sounds harsh but we would all do it).

Accountability: there it is again, that word we use a lot here at Switch. A training partner is someone that you can tell what your goals are, they will support you, they will guide you and be there for you when you need them. They will also hold you to account if you cry off a workout, lift less than you can and don’t reach your full potential. This is vital for you keep progressing, by taking ownership of your goals as you will have someone there to answer too and keep you on track.

Wether you are a lone wolf or part of a dynamic duo this last point is vital, luckily at Switch we can help in both cases if you prefer to go it alone we have our coaching programme designed to keep you accountable and if you want to be part of a dynamic duo we have our referral scheme to help you bring someone in whilst saving you money.

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