How the simple dumbell is changing

We believe the most important and versatile piece of equipment in any gym, particularly when it comes to strength training, is the dumbell.

At Switch Gym we have recently invested in what are considered to be the best dumbells in the business. Developed with world renowned strength coach Charles Poliquin our dumbells offer many benefits over the standard dumbells you will find in most gyms.

Standard grip vs thicker grip

When training with barbells or dumbells most of us are used to using a standard size diameter grip, typically around 1”, however in recent years there has been somewhat of a re-discovery of the benefits of using a thicker grip.

Not only does training with thick grips tie in massively with everyday functionality but by simply switching to a thicker bar can unlock great gains in both strength and muscular development.

Training with a standard size bar means we can simply wrap our fingers around and hold it without much stress on the forearms. Using a thicker grip opens up our fingers and therefore recruits and stimulates the muscles and tendons in our forearms and hands. The everyday functionality of improving our forearm strength is noticed when performing tasks such as opening jars and carrying heavy shopping.

Eliminate Weak Links

It is not uncommon to be unable to perform an exercise to failure due to a weak link in the chain. Sometimes people use training aids such as straps to help overcome this but it does not address the issue. By improving your grip and forearm strength you will not only see increases in your strength and therefore the amount of weight you can lift but it will also reduce the chances of injury to your joints and connective tissues.

Concentration and Focus

Because thicker grip bars are harder to handle it will require much greater focus to perform your lifts. For some it may feel like you are learning to lift all over again and you will have to use lighter weights for a while but you will quickly build back up to your usual weights and feel the benefit.

The variety of fitness equipment available today seems to be growing all the time with new ways of challenging your body and stimulate change. From cardio machines and resistance machines to free weights, kettle bells, resistance bands, de-stabilising and vibration platforms, and suspension training systems the list is pretty extensive. If you want to find out more about how you can incorporate some or all of these into your programme then we are here to help.

Keep an eye out for future blogs for advice and ideas to enhance your training

By Mark

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