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3 Supplements we recommend.

Supplements-are they really necessary? Some of the questions that we get asked on a regular basis are: What supplements do you use? What supplements should I take? Do we really need supplements or are they just a waste of money? The problem with supplements is that...

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Make habits permanent.

I am definitely a morning person, which is lucky as since having children a lye in seems a thing of the past.  I like the extra time in the morning though as i can get up and plan out my day, get my training things ready, sort my nutrition for the day and prepare for...

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Before & After

We know that people come to the gym, and exercise in general, for a variety of different reasons. Ranging from wanting to compete at a sport, to just being able to run around more with children or grandchildren. The one thing that everyone looks for from their exercise programme is results.

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Progression is Key

In life and in business we like to see progression, you get a promotion in work, you earn more money and get a bigger house. Why should your training be any different? You hit the gym, go running or go to your favourite class 2-3 times per week, work really hard and you want to see results.

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