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Have your cake and eat it

Healthy Banana & Dark Chocolate Muffins Have your cake and eat it! There’s no denying it - I love cake! So when I found this recipe that allows me to remain on track with my healthy lifestyle but still enjoy a genuinely tasty treat, I was ecstatic! This recipe has...

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Step it up!!!

Step it up!!!! Do I Count my daily steps? You bet I do. There are two reasons for this, the first is I often suggest that my coaching clients do this and record their results and because I suggest my coaching clients do it I do it, and the second reason is with my...

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I have Diabetes, I don't often tell people that not because I am ashamed of it or because I did something wrong with my lifestyle to deserve it. It is more of the fact that it is just easier not to tell people, very few people really understand the disease and what is...

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Lone wolf versus Dynamic Duo

Lone Wolf versus Dynamic Duo We have all had one of those workouts on our own when you get to the gym, you think that it is not going to be a great session and then everything falls into place and it is the best session you have ever had. You run further on a...

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How the simple dumbell has changed.

How the simple dumbell is changing We believe the most important and versatile piece of equipment in any gym, particularly when it comes to strength training, is the dumbell. At Switch Gym we have recently invested in what are considered to be the best dumbells in the...

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Are you tracking your workouts.

Are you tracking your workouts!? “Accountability turns pain into peace” So you’re probably thinking why should I keep a log of everything I do in the gym, its too much hassle and time surely? Here’s why we think logging everything you do will lead to greater results....

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