12 Week Coaching Programme

56 Day Programme

12 Weeks Before & After
12 Weeks Before & After

Get ready to join the last exercise and nutrition plan you will need, our 56 day educational programme will teach you how to train in a more effective manner, and more importantly how to control your nutrition. You will learn how to calculate your calorific needs, how to split those into the different macro nutrients (Protein, Fats and Carbohydrate), and how to successfully record and adjust them to achieve the results that you want. Throughout our 56 day programme you will be guided by your very own coach who will talk you through every step and hold you accountable for the full 56 days.

As part of your plan you will receive:

  • A personalised consultation to help set goals specific to you.
  • 2 weeks of homework to help you learn how to track and record your food and drink intake.
  • Your calorific needs worked out, specific to you and your lifestyle.
  • Your exercise programme deigned around your goals, time frame and work and family life.
  • Regular checkin sessions with your coach.
  • A personal training session with your coach each week of the programme to help guide you through the right exercise and intensity to get the most out of your programme.
  • Access to an ever growing private facebook group, full of coaches and people that are going/have gone through the programme.

The spaces on this programme are limited so that we can ensure each coach has the time to provide an exceptional service to you, to get you to where you want to be on your fitness journey.

To secure your spot on this amazing programme and to book your initial consult with a coach or if you have any more questions please email enquiries@switchgym.co.uk or call 01444 440683 today, we have a waiting list so don’t panic if we cant get you straight onto the programme.

12 Weeks Before & After
12 Weeks Before & After

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