• Anybody showing any signs of coronavirus must stay at home and isolate
  • All members must pre-book their gym session using the Fitsense app
  • Everybody must wait outside prior to their session and keep the staircase clear to allow others to leave
  • All gym users must use hand sanitiser on entry to the gym
  • Gym users should arrive ready to train and bring only essential items to the gym. No bags are to be brought into the gym or left in the changing rooms
  • Showers and lockers are currently out of use
  • Gym users must leave the premises promptly at the end of their timed session to enable the prompt start of the following session
  • Gym users must use the antibacterial spray to clean the equipment after use
  • Gym users must adhere to social distancing guidelines and observe floor markings
  • Users may only train individually or with members of their family or those in their social bubble
  • NO DRINKING FROM THE WATER FAUCET – gym users must bring a full water bottle to use
  • All membership queries must be done via email
  • Non-members must email ahead to book their session and only attend once they have received a confirmation email.
Visiting the gym is by pre-booked time slots via our new app only. Gym opening times:
Monday – Friday : 6am – 9pm | Saturday : 8am – 6pm | Sunday : 8am – 5pm

Switch Gym – Friendly & Professional

Welcome to the Switch Gym website and thank you for taking the time to look through our facilities.

We are an independent gym run by two friends who have over 20 years combined experience in the fitness industry. We wanted to provide people with a clean well equipped gym that was affordable to everyone making sure that cost was not a prohibiting factor to getting people fitter.

With all the equipment that you could need to get a great workout and highly motivated and qualified fitness professionals to help and guide you along the way, your goals are now closer to being reach than ever before.

Whether you want to increase your fitness, improve your muscle tone, gain a thinner more active you or increase your size and strength, we have the team and equipment to help you do it all in a fun friendly atmosphere.

Try Before You Buy!

We’re confident that you’re going to love our friendly gym and we’d like to invite you to come along and see for yourself.

Achieve Your Goals!

We have a great 56 day educational programme available.
Tailored to your needs!

56 Day Programme

Special Offers & Latest News!

Earlier opening from March

We're delighted to announce that from the beginning of March we'll be open from 6am Monday to Friday! Let's get those early workouts in!

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Exclusive : Gym Member Academy Offer!

At the beginning of March 2020 the new Switch Academy will be opening its doors to new clients, offering Semi Private Personal Training at our fantastic facility based at Oathall College. As a thank you to our current members, we want to give 10 of you the opportunity to take out the trial month at an unbelievable price.

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I have Diabetes. I don't often tell people that. Not because I am ashamed of it or because I did something wrong with my lifestyle to deserve it. It is more that it is just easier not to tell people. Very few people really understand the disease and, what is worse,...

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Latest Features & Articles

Protein problem?

Is protein really bad for your kidneys? Switch Gym’s Chris Patch investigates. As you may well know, we are very keen on Protein and making sure that people are getting enough of it. So when this headline hit, I needed to investigate it.  As a type 1 Diabetic, my...

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Core Strengths

So if ab exercises are of very little use (unless you have managed to strip fat down first), why do we still see people doing planks and other exercises? In one word CORE,  The "core muscles,"  are the muscles responsible for giving us strength and stability when...

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The truth about abs…

You can do hours and hours of ab circuits but the harsh reality is if you're not lean enough then you simply won't see them. This is where the phrase 'abs are made in the kitchen' comes from. Unfortunately spot reducing fat isn't possible so ab workouts won’t 'tone...

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